SASMO Intensive Course

SASMO Training for Students

In order to stretch the participants, they should be trained. Over the past 10 years, we have found that schools that prepared their students in advance tend to get better results. Other than buying SASMO Past Year Question Booklets, the Teacher-In-Charge can also conduct training for the students.

GOOD NEWS for students staying in KL, Selangor & Penang!! SMO Testing has appointed Academy TeamMathics as the official training partner to provide SASMO training. SASMO participants can attend 8-week 2-hourly lessons (commencing in February 2019).

The SASMO Training will prepare students to solve challenging Maths Olympiad problems using easy-to-understand methods. The training includes challenging but not too difficult problems so as not to discourage novice problem solvers. Students will be introduced to higher-order thinking strategies and more advanced mathematical ideas. They will experience the satisfaction, fun and thrill of discovery associated with creative problem solving.

For more info, visit or WhatsApp 012-6811235 / 017-8685123