World International Mathematical Olympiad (WIMO) provides a platform for Maths elite students to have an experience and exposure on the IMO topics. The contest and workshops are fully sponsored by WIMO Foundation. It brings together global mathematical societies to form a union to train Maths elite students by former IMO winners.

WIMO is open to all Malaysian students who have achieved a Gold Award in the Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad Final (TIMO Final) or Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad Final (HKIMO Final).


WIMO Final 2020/21: 1-4 January 2021 @ Manila, Philippines


WIMO Final
on 2nd Jan 2021, Sat
No.of Questions 30
Score per questions 6
Total Score 180
Logical Thinking 6
Arithmetic / Algebra 6
Number Theory 6
Geometry 6
Combinatorics 6
Time Allowed 120 minutes
Language English & Simplified Chinese