Congratulations to all the students from over 20 countries who have won awards at HKIMO Heat Round 2020. Only award winners (Gold, Silver, Bronze & Merit) are listed on our website.

All Malaysian students who have won Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Award in HKIMO Heat Round 2020 or High Distinction/ Distinction/ High Credit in Depth Of Knowledge Assessment (DOKA) will be invited to join HKIMO Final 2020.

Please join as soon as possible as places are limited.


HKIMO Final 2020 Results

HKIMO Heat Round 2020 Results

Upcoming Competition (International Global)

World International Mathematical Olympiad (WIMO) FINAL

World International Mathematical Olympiad (WIMO) provides a platform for Maths elite students to have an experience and exposure on the IMO topics. The contest and workshops are fully sponsored by WIMO Foundation. It brings together global mathematical societies to form a union to train Maths elite students by former IMO winners.

ALL WIMO participants will get the opportunity to attend a 10-hour intensive training course and learn from IMO Trainers.

WIMO is open to all Malaysian students who have achieved a Gold Award in the Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad Final (TIMO Final) or Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad Final (HKIMO Final).


HKIMO Final 2019 Results