Asia International Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO) is an annual international Olympiad competition originated from Hong Kong. It is organized by the Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Union since 2012. This competition has been running internationally with 13 countries which include Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Macau, South Korea, Bulgaria and Myanmar. It is a platform for students to improve critical thinking skills and exchange knowledge, and to promote educational and cultural development.

On top of that, AIMO union will also run World Mathematical Games Open (WMGO) inconjunction with AIMO 2019. All AIMO participants will automatically participate in WMGO 2019 to enjoy exploring the beauty of Mathematics through playing games. Below are sample games for WMGO 2019. More samples will be provided upon AIMO Registration.

Download WMGO Samples (English & Chinese)

We hope that children can enjoy playing and learning through AIMO & WMGO and more talented students can be discovered along the way.

This international competition is open to Year/Standard 3 to A-Levels/STPM Malaysian students who have won High Distinction/ Distinction/ High Credit in Depth of Knowledge Assessment (DOKA) or Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Awards (Individual Category) in Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) in Malaysia.

*A-Levels/ STPM Malaysian students can directly register to enter AIMO. It is ONLY open to students that have participated in other maths competitions in 2018/19 with High Distinction / Gold Award / Distinction / Silver Award. Students need to submit a copy of their Certificate together with their registration form.

KPM Letter

Surat Penganjuran Program & Pertandingan di bawah SMO Education Group bagi Tahun 2019


4 – 8 August 2019 @ Taiwan

Format & Awards – AIMO

There are 30 non-MCQ questions. Total 150 marks.

Part A – 12 questions, each 3 marks

Part B – 10 questions, each 5 marks

Part C –  8 questions, each 8 marks

Duration: 2 hours

The individual awards include International Star, Gold (Top 10%), Silver (next 20%) and Bronze (next 30%) Awards. Other participants will receive a Certificate of Merit.

Format & Awards – WMGO

There are 3 parts (3 different games) in the paper. There are 10 puzzles (total 50 marks) in each part, total 150 marks. Tools will be provided to solve the puzzles.

Duration: 90mins

Champion, first runner-up and second runner-up awards are set in each grade.