VANDA Science Global Finals

VANDA Science Global Finals (VANDA Finals) is an International Science Competition held annually around the globe. It focuses on the student’s ability to think critically and creatively to pick out hidden information to aid them in solving the question.

VANDA Finals has very strong teamwork component in the competition, and the Gold-winning group will demonstrate high levels of collaboration and mutual support. Questions in the competition have a strong foundation in scientific knowledge and methodology which include the development of reasoning and analytical skills, decision and problem-solving skills, flexible to respond to different context and possessing an open and inquiring mind that is willing to explore new territories and learn new things which are aligned to the desired 21st century competencies.

This international competition is open to Year 3 to Year 11 Malaysian students who have won Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in VANDA Science.


27 July 2019, Saturday – Contest Day

29 July 2019, Monday – Gala & Prize Giving Ceremony


The contest consists of 2 rounds:

Round 1 Written paper (60 minutes) – Total points (70 points), the paper starts with 5 points. All MCQ Questions.

Section Questions Correct Answers Wrong Answers No Answer
A 1 to 5 +2 points -1 point 0 point
B 6 to 10 +3 points 0 point 0 point
C 11 to 20 +4 points 0 point 0 point

– No calculators allowed for Year 3 to Year 6.

– Calculators are allowed for Year 7 to Year 11.


Round 2 Gakken Team Challenge (3 hours)

Section Questions Weightage
A Problem solving 30%
B Modification 50%
C Video 20%

– The participants from different countries will be grouped into a team of 4 members.

– Every team will be given a set of instructions, questions, Gakken kits and other materials for the contest.

– The team has 30 minutes to discuss and choose one of 2 experiments given to them.

– The team is required to discuss and use their creativity and problem-solving skills.

– No calculators allowed for Year 3 to Year 6.

– Calculators are allowed for Year 7 to Year 11.


The following awards will be given out for the contest:

VANDA Science Global Finals (Individual – Round 1)

Perfect Score Full marks
Gold Award Top 10%
Silver Award Next 15%
Bronze Award Next 25%
Honorable Mention Next 20%
Certificate of Participation Next 30%

VANDA Science Global Finals (Team Challenge – Round 2)

Gold Award Top 10%
Silver Award Next 15%
Bronze Award Next 25%

All the participants will receive a certificate. The Perfect score and top 50% of the participants will receive an award certificate and a medal.



The top 20 students who win both VANDA Science Global Finals and IJMO Gold medals will be awarded the President’s Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science (PAEMS). These students will be awarded a PAEMS Gold medal, certificate and US$100 plus get inducted into the International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) and win a full scholarship to attend the Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA) to be held in Singapore from 15 to 19 December, 2019.