VANDA Science Results

Congratulations to all the students from over 13 countries who have won awards at VANDA Science 2020. Only award winners (Gold, Silver & Bronze) are listed on our website.

All Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners in VANDA Science 2020 are eligible for selection to take part in the STEAM AHEAD-VANDA FINALS (Vanda Science Global Finals).

Please join as soon as possible as places are limited as VANDA Science winners convene for a thrilling week of learning and sharing knowledge as we crown the champions of VANDA Science Global Finals.

Teachers-in-charge of VANDA Science, we will be sending out the Invitation Letters and Full Itinerary to you via e-mail once they are ready. Students & Parents, info will be released on facebook (@smoMalaysia).


VANDA Science Global Finals 2020 Results

VANDA Science 2020 Results


VANDA Science Global Finals 2019 Results – OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP

*combining scores from Round 1 & 2

VANDA Science Global Finals 2019 Results – Individual

VANDA Science Global Finals 2019 Results – Team 

VANDA Science 2019 Results

Next Competition (International Global)

Online STEAM AHEAD: IJMO and Vanda Global 2020 (5 Dec)

Contest Date: 5 December 2020


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. STEAM AHEAD is our initiative to combine our international academic competitions to educate students and bring them international exposure about possible career choices in these fields.

So, STEAM AHEAD is the first to combine 2 international academic competitions in one location and offer multiple opportunities for students to win awards in IJMO, Vanda Individual and Team, plus Overall Champion in each grade level for IJMO and Vanda, and President’s Award for Excellence in STEAM (PAES) winners in IJMO/VANDA.