Welcome to Singa, where teams share best practices in mathematics learning and gauge how good they are at math.

Singa is Singapore Math Global Team Competition with 3 members in each team. It is a unique new math competition with ambitious and important goals. The focus in Singa is very strong on teamwork, and the Gold-winning groups will have to show high levels of collaboration, stamina and mutual support – as well as superlative math skills. Name after the lion in the name of Singapore itself, Singa will also be brave, tough and noble: a thrilling team challenge that equips children everywhere for 21st Century learning.

Singa is an international team and individual-based math competition. Questions in the competition will be based on Singapore Schools’ math questions which have a high content of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). It is open to all students from Year 1 to 11 (or Standard 1 to Form 5) who have received High Distinction/ Distinction/ High Credit in Depth Of Knowledge Assessment (DOKA) or Gold / Silver/ Bronze Awards in Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO). There are five divisions in team rounds:

Junior – Year/Std 1 & 2
Middle – Year/Std 3 & 4
Intermediate – Year/Std 5 & 6
Advanced – Year 7 and 8 (Form 1 & 2)
Expert – Year 9 to 11 (Form 3-5)

*You may start forming your own teams of 3 within the same division (Year 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9-11)

KPM Letter

Surat Penganjuran Program & Pertandingan di bawah SMO Education Group bagi Tahun 2019


22 – 26 November 2019 @ Vietnam

How Singa works?

Singa Scoring System

Individual Award

Individual Score in Round 1 (Singateer Round)

Team Award

The average of 3 team members’ Singateers score + Team ABC Round Score + Dash Round Score

(Weighting for Team Award: Singateer 10%, Team ABC  60%, Dash Round 30%)

Singa Awards

Singateers Award by Grade Level (Top 50%)
  • 10% Gold Award
  • 15% Silver Award
  • 25% Bronze Award
Team Round by Division (Top 50%)
  • 10% Gold Team Award
  • 15% Silver Team Award
  • 25% Bronze Team Award
Top 3 Division Team Award
  • Division Team Champion
  • Division Team 1st Runner-Up
  • Division Team 2nd Runner-Up

Singa Co-Chairman

Dr Yeap Ban Har

– Collaborates with the Curriculum Planning and Development Division of the Ministry of Education in Singapore regularly Principal of the Marshall Cavendish Institute

– Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at Pathlight School, an autism-oriented K-10 school in Singapore

– Advisory board of the SEED Institute and several schools in Singapore and Asia

Dr Yeo Boon Wooi, Joseph

– Mathematics professor at Singapore’s National Institute of Education

– Developed the viral math problem “Cheryl’s Birthday

– Recipient of the prestigious Nanyang Excellence in Teaching Award in 2013

– First author of the New Syllabus Mathematics used in secondary schools marketed worldwide

– Specializes in training in-service math teachers for Singapore’s Ministry of Education

Singa Syllabus

The syllabus is meant as a guide for Singa Competition. It is important to note that the scope of the contests is not limited to this syllabus. Singa reserves the rights to change the syllabus without any prior notice.

Singa Sample Questions

Explore Singa sample questions to deepen your understanding and and gauge how good you are at maths. Join us to stay at the top.

Junior Division

Middle Division

Intermediate Division