Depth of Knowledge Assessment (DOKA) is the LATEST annual mathematical problem-solving assessment organized by SMO Education Group and Academy TeamMathics. It is designed based on Depth of Knowledge in Problem Solving, to develop students’ Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and to sharpen Reasoning Skills in Malaysian students.

Many may not be aware that Reasoning Skills is one of the most important elements in HOTS. Reasoning is the action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way and to find an answer to a problem by considering possible options.

DOKA is DIFFERENT and unlike any other math olympiad/competitions. It comprises FOUR parts:

Part A: Basic Reasoning

Part B: Intermediate Reasoning (Non-Verbal)

Part C: Advanced Reasoning

Part D: Extended Reasoning

What are Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Questions? (View PDF on PC) *on Mobile, set browser to “View as Desktop”

DOKA has now expanded and provides a healthy competitive platform for students in Malaysia (from Year 1 to 13 / Std 1 to A-Levels/STPM) to assess their HOTS and IQ ability among their own year level group. Parents and school teachers can also take this opportunity to assess their children and students BEFORE they attempt more challenging maths competitions or IQ tests in future.

DOKA – Addressing current problems faced by students and teachers (View PDF on PC) *on Mobile, set browser to “View as Desktop”

Solutions Manual and Student’s Analysis Report will be provided after the DOKA. With these, students can learn creative heuristic methods recommended to solve complex mathematical problems, as well as, knowing their strengths and areas for improvement based on the distribution of DOK.

DOKA will be happening on 14th May 2019, Tuesday. DON’T MISS OUT!!!


There are 6 papers in total:

  • Paper P (Year 1&2)
  • Paper Q (Year 3&4)
  • Paper R (Year 5&6)
  • Paper S (Year 7&8)
  • Paper T (Year 9&10)
  • Paper U (Year 11-13)

*Results will be compared within same year level group.

Each paper comprises 4 parts:

Part A: Basic Reasoning – 8 questions

Part B: Intermediate Reasoning (Non-Verbal) – 8 questions

Part C: Advanced Reasoning – 8 questions

Part D: Extended Reasoning – 8 questions

32 Non-MCQ Questions (1 point for correct answer, no penalty point for wrong answer)
TOTAL = 32 points

DOKA questions are set in bilingual version – BAHASA MELAYU & ENGLISH.

This is a 90-minute assessment. Calculators are NOT permitted.


Top scorers will receive High Distinction (10%), Distinction (next 10%), High Credit (next 10%) and Credit (next 20%) Award certificates. All other participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

All HD, D and HC Award winners in DOKA will be invited to join the Singapore Math Global Team Challenge (SINGA) in Vietnam and Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO) in Thailand with participants from other countries.


Please download DOKA registration form here:


All participating schools MUST have at least 10 students taking part.

IMPORTANT!!! DOKA Registrations submitted without meeting minimum requirements will be automatically voided/ disqualified and no refund will be entertained.

Fill up the form with your student details then email the form back to, together with your bank-in slip.

Please make payment by Direct Bank-In / Cash / Cheque payable to SMO TESTING SERVICES SDN BHD, and bank-in to our Maybank account no.: MBB 5122 2263 7004.

We will send the DOKA Qualifying Round question booklets to all participating schools by post, within the week before the official sitting date. After the assessment, the person in charge (PIC) appointed by every participating school will send the Answer Sheets back to SMO by post, on the assessment day itself.

Registration Closing Date (for schools in Malaysia)
12 April 2019, Friday

DOKA Sitting Date (for schools in Malaysia)
14 May 2019, Tuesday

Result Announcement Date (for schools in Malaysia)
June 2019

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